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YOUR FIRST YOGA CLASS At Bikram Yoga Richmond

Going to your first yoga class can be quite intimidating. We know that, because at one point were beginners also

We like think we have one of the most relaxed yoga studios in Melbourne - there's no hustle and bustle and you won't be impersonally ushered around, we like things to be relaxed and welcoming. Simply come along and we'll give you a few pointers for how things work and that's it. We discourage dangerously bendy, vanity approach to yoga that is becoming all too common, we understand that each individual is on their own journey. At Bikram Yoga Richmond We want you to find your own way, comfortably, in a non-judgemental and supportive environment. You might even find you connect with a whole new bunch of friends!

Bikram Yoga classes are designed for beginners, even though many people say it's hard. It's more of a mental challenge than anything else. You will feel the difference to your body and mind after the first few classes, we an almost guarantee that! Bikram Yoga classes are heated to approximately 40ºC and 50% humidity, so we recommend a few classes to adapt to the heat.

Hot Yin yoga is a slow paced and deeply relaxing class. If you're not up to a challenging practice then come along and warm up and and down with some Hot Yin. Our Yin classes are heated to assist with warming the body while being in a static and relaxed positions for somewhat long periods of time, however the temperature and humidity is lower than Bikram classes.



Read below for all the things you need to know


  • Bikram Yoga classes are beginner friendly, advance at your own pace.
  • Bikram Yoga classes are 90 minutes.
  • Yin Yoga and Pilates classes are 60 minutes.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time.
  • There is no need to book, however you can sign-in and purchase classes online
  • Eat lightly no earlier than 2 hours before class. We recommend a piece of fruit if you are still hungry close to class time.
  • Drink plenty of water before a Bikram Yoga  class. Bring water with you, or buy bottled water at reception (600ml for $2).
  • Bring a large towel (bath size) for your class, and another towel for your shower afterwards.
  • Bring your own yoga mat or buy for $49.
  • We have change rooms with toilets, showers.
  • Hair-dryer available.


Do I need to book for my first class?

Class bookings are essential! You can book your classes via our website or the mindbody online app.


What do I need to bring?

You will need a yoga mat, bath-size towel and water for the room. You can hire mats and towels, purchase chilled water, coconut water and electrolytes from our studios.


What should I wear?

Wear light, comfortable exercise clothing - something that you would wear on a hot summer day. Wear what you are comfortable in but be reminded that less is better.

  • Girls generally wear a sports bra or exercise top and shorts or 3/4 pants.
  • Guys tend to wear shorts and maybe a T-shirt or singlet.
  • Tight-fitting clothing is better than loose, baggy clothing as you sweat a lot and clothes can become wet. We do not recommend tracksuits as they are too bulky for hot yoga.


Do you have showers?

Yes! Bikram Yoga Richmond has separate male and female change-rooms with showers and toilets.


I'm not flexible, should I do yoga?

Yes - you most definitely should do yoga. If you can move, you are flexible! To what degree you are flexible is different for everyone. If you don't think you 'are flexible enough', you should definitely start doing yoga as soon as you can.

The specially heated environment warms and softens your muscles so you can get more out of the yoga right from the first class - and doing yoga increases your flexibility over time.

When you have improved flexibility then you are less prone to soft-tissue injuries, which can be common in people who don't exercise.

It does not matter what someone else can do compared to you, all you have to do is do what you can, be patient and mindful of your body, and just within a few classes you will notice a change in your body you have never seen before. So hurry up, what are you waiting for?


Are all Bikram Yoga Classes 90 minutes?

Yes. The Bikram Yoga sequence is always 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises and 90 minutes duration. Expect to arrive 15 minutes before class and leave 15-30 minutes after. If someone tells you they do 60 minute Bikram classes, please understand that there is no such thing as a 60 minute Bikram Yoga class.



Download our registration form. Print it out, fill out and bring it with you.


"Practicing Bikram affords me with the time and space for me to be mindful and present. The heat in the room, following the instructor’s verbal directions, along with trying to focus on my body within the postures allows me to ‘switch-off’ from the outside world and simply be in the moment.  It’s naive to think that I’m consistently effective at this, but should other thoughts come to mind, I try my best to simply acknowledge them and let the thoughts pass, allowing me to return to and be present in my practice.

Beyond the psychological benefits, physically, whilst I’ve always been active, since discovering Bikram I feel stronger than I have previously. I’ve learnt that feeling strong is quite empowering."

- Jess