Meet Our Teachers



It was my younger sister who dragged me to my first Bikram yoga class in November 2009. During this class, I remember we both started laughing so much because we really thought this was crazy.  We still talk about this class today! It was the hardest and most challenging thing I had ever done - but, I went back the next day and practiced consistently for the next two years.

I completed teacher training in fall 2011 and it’s the best thing I have ever done. Every time I teach, I get to share what I love and most importantly, I get to help people heal their body and mind.

After 3 years of teaching, I was lucky enough to buy and run the Richmond studio. It truly is the best job in the world and I cannot imagine it not being part of my daily life.


This yoga gives me a feeling of inner peace, it strengthens your mind, changes your body and your life. I am so passionate about teaching and feel so grateful to be apart of something that has such a positive impact on peoples lives.


I couldn't have found this yoga at a better time. I'd been playing professional Water Polo for the previous decade and was coming to the end of my career.

Bikram Hot Yoga is a challenging class to do but also to teach, however nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing the look in a student's face and knowing deep down that despite the sheer struggle they are going through it is having a profound effect on their quality of life.


I have worked for Qantas in Baggage Services for the past 8 years and am that guy that gently handles your luggage like a newborn.

I have been fascinated by health, fitness and the human condition seemingly forever. For many years I was a footballer, a competitive runner and spent a great deal of time in gyms focusing on strength and conditioning.

My Yoga journey began 5 years ago using books I had borrowed to create my own sequence of postures. Then around 3 years ago, the start of 2013, I was introduced to Bikram Yoga and I thought WOW this is fantastic. So I made the commitment to become a BY Teacher and am very grateful to be part of our wonderful Bikram Community.


I began practicing Bikram Yoga in 2008, after a nervous entry into the hot room, I quickly began to see results, and these surprises were soon followed by heightened energy levels, clearer skin, a much quietened mind and deeper sleep.

I became dedicated to my practice and naturally felt the next progression was to become a teacher. One of the best decisions I have made was to attend Bikram Yoga Teachers Training in Las Vegas 2009. Even though I made some wonderful friends, one of the most important outcomes from training was the confidence I developed.

Prior to attending training, I did not have the ability to speak in front of a large group. Now I find it inspiring and energising to teach a class, big or small.


Alarm sounds. Nutritious breakfast. Cycle to work. Hectic shift. Shoulders are tight. Race to the salon for my hairdressing appointment. I hope I make it to my yoga class on time today. Head to the studio. Slide into class, five minutes to the hour. I lay down on my mat. Mmmm. The heat is like a blanket. But have I really got time for this today? Maybe I should have gone home and done my laundry,  paid those bills before dinner.

The lights come on. I stand in the middle of my mat, From the moment I hear 'Start Please' all bets are off! 26 postures in 90 minutes. I'm re-energised, re-vitalized and reorganized.

I used to wrestle with my daily life, Bikram Hot Yoga taught me to dance with it.


Originally from Wellington I discovered Bikram Yoga while living in London and working in marketing.

On completing a 30 day challenge I started to realise how important my

practice was becoming in my life and moved to Berlin, where I decided to become a teacher.

After returning to Wellington and teaching for a couple of years my partner and I decided to cross the ditch to Melbourne. We feel very fortunate that we can live in such a diverse and engaging city.

Sharing my love of yoga through teaching and practicing continues to amaze me. I look forward to many more happy (and hard) times in the hot room.


I went to my first class of Bikram in November 2005, after the 3rd class I wanted to know how I could teach it. It was that instant. I went to teacher training in April 2006 and have been teaching ever since. This was the first thing I had done since retiring from tack and field (110m hurdes) that had the similar mental aspect to it.

I like having the constant challenge that a Bikram yoga class brings. Being able to teach this yoga to other people is the best thing I have done. Its a great honour to be able to be a part of helping people on their personal journeys everyday.



Coming from a background of health, fitness and wellbeing, Bikram Yoga was just another perfect fit for me. My journey begun in 2007. I was bodybuilding at the time and reached a weight of 140kg. My first 2 years of practicing i hated with a passion, running in and out of the room, drinking litres of water, going through an emotional rollercoaster.

Fast forward 2016 i have now been teaching 3 years and so grateful to be part of this amazing community which i have chosen as my tribe. It has rewarded me in so many mind blowing ways, psychologically, emotionally, physiologically and spiritually. It's an incredible transforming practice that constantly brings in new challenges to help better my life and take it to the next level. Being a teacher now and sharing all my knowledge and wisdom to the students, there's no other better gift.

I honestly don't know where i would be if i had never discovered this yoga, life changing stuff!